Day 22: Zero Miles Was Never So Tiring

Most of our learning happens along the trail, but, today, we learned quite a bit about what it’s like to be in town. Big Bear is the first (of four or so) stops along the trail where we decided to buy food to resupply, instead of picking up a box that had been mailed to us. We chose this because there’s a real grocery store in Big Bear (Vons — pronounced “Safeway” to Northern Californians), so we knew we wouldn’t have to subsist on just convenience-store food.

Turns out,

Day 20: Trail Names!

Rally. Treeman. Squatch. Hedgehog. Dude. Etch-A-Sketch. You’ve heard me referring to people with these names…but, no, the PCT isn’t completely overrun with hippies. When you’re hiking any of the big tree long trails (Appalachian, Continental Divide, Pacific Crest), people end up taking on trail names — nicknames based on their character, appearance, experiences, or anything else about them that’s identifying, charming, or simply unique. Getting a trail name is part of your “rite of passage” to hiking these long trails.

And, recently, we got trail names! I’m known as