$100 of Broccoli

Fun Facts Discovered When Buying Food For Six Months

  • You can buy Nutella in tiny individual foil-top containers, perfect for the trail.
    They come in boxes of 120. The boxes weigh a ton.
  • Freeze-dried ground beef is extremely calorie-rich and great for making backcountry dinners. Staring at an entire two-pound can of it is kind of disgusting. Staring at five two-pound cans of it is even worse.
    Also, its “use by” date is December…2039.
  • Freeze-dried broccoli comes in what can only be described as a giant bucket, which contains 222 servings. It costs over $100. We bought one. We used nearly all of it.

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  • You can buy what is basically an enormous jar of the powder you get in boxed Kraft Mac N’ Cheese. It’s simultaneously kind of horrible…and yet really, really delicious.
    Also, powdered butter and powdered sour cream.
  • You will go through vastly more Nestlé Nido Fortificada (dry whole milk) than you can imagine. Those cans are big (3.52 pounds each!) and I easily used a dozen.
  • Jell-O Instant Pudding and No-Bake Cheesecake are fantastic desserts for the trail.
  • Those individually-wrapped breakfast pastries you find at convenience stores are nothing you should ever eat in normal life. However, for the trail, they are cheap, lightweight, delicious, and incredibly filling. Order away!
  • You can never have enough variety. Make everything different, as much as you can. You’re going to be eating freeze-dried food for a hundred and thirty-six days, straight.
  • And, finally…by the end? I achieved my lifetime goal: $240 worth of pudding, baby.







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