Hiker Midnight

Hiker Midnight is a special time of day.

By Hiker Midnight, most people are asleep in their tents, some for almost an hour.

By Hiker Midnight, you’ll rarely hear more than a whisper from hikers — it’s time to keep quiet.

As Hiker Midnight approaches, you’ll see hikers scurrying to get ready for bed, hear the puff-puff-puff of inflatable pads being blown up, see the winking of headlamps turning off.

About eight hours after Hiker Midnight, you’ll hear the whooshing of inflatable pads deflating, as the first sign that the new day of hiking is starting.

Every hiker on the trail knows all about Hiker Midnight, starting from about the second week — if not sooner.

Hiker Midnight is 9:00 PM.






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