Day 64: This Program Temporarily Interrupted

Hi, folks — this is just a brief note to let you know that we actually ended up returning to Bishop for a couple of days for reasons beyond the scope of this blog. Everybody is perfectly OK, nobody was hurt, nothing to worry about. We’re headed back out on the trail tomorrow, and eager to see what’s out there again!

Having said that, we did wake up yesterday to a rather spectacular sunrise from 11,000 feet, about five miles up the trail towards Kearsarge Pass. Take a look!

[alpine-phototile-for-flickr src=”set” uid=”44265343@N00″ sid=”72157653077509643″ imgl=”flickr” style=”gallery” row=”5″ grwidth=”800″ grheight=”600″ size=”500″ num=”30″ shadow=”1″ border=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]






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