We’re Coming Up On You!

A quick shout-out to everyone in San Francisco: From now on, if you want to look and see where we are…look north, not south, ’cause, as of last night (June 21st), we passed you!






2 responses to “We’re Coming Up On You!”

  1. Darlene Avatar

    Very impressed with your progress! We are hiking about 5-6 miles a day around the trails here in Wisconsin and I am just imagining what YOU must be experiencing. Keep up the hike; the positive spirit and the extremely enjoyable descriptions and tails of the trail!!!!!

    1. Andrew Avatar

      Thanks! For what it’s worth, up until three years ago (when we did the JMT) I thought of seven miles as a seriously long distance for a day. And until this trip, I thought of fifteen miles as incredibly long. It’s kind of crazy what you can adapt to, when you have to. 😉

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the blog! I’m just happy I’m finally able to start catching up with present time (bit by bit), now that we’re in areas with more Internet access…

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