Catching Up

I’m trying so hard to catch up on posting these blog posts — it’s been almost three weeks since we’ve had phone service, and that means I have a ton of posts to add. (I’ve still been writing posts every night, so it’s not about writing, but about all the mechanics of posting and adding pictures.) We’ll see how many I can get posted before we have to hit the trail again; we’ve made it to South Lake Tahoe, CA, and are headed on the trail up to Truckee next.

I’m pretty careful to set the date on each post correctly, so take a look at that when you see posts going up — they may well be what happened to us two weeks ago. I’m hoping that I’ll get caught up sooner rather than later, and know we’re having an amazing time out here still! If you want to know where we are as of the last time I had cell-phone service, take a look at the “Last Known Location”, “Days In”, and “Miles Hiked” widgets on the side (or on the bottom, if you’re on the phone) — those are easy to update and I get to them every time we’re within cell-phone range.

(Also, if you look at the blog on the web — as opposed to getting email updates — look downwards. They’re ordered by date, so, for example, this one will stay on top for a long time until I finally catch up to this point in time. New ones will show up down a couple posts below until I get there.)






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