Finally…the rest of the posts!

As you’ve no doubt gathered by now, we did not, in fact, die on the Pacific Crest Trail. Actually, we’re back in Oakland, where we’ve been for over a month. And there’s lots to write about the readjustment back to society, too…but that will come later, after the remaining tales from our trip on the trail.

Despite my long delay in posting them, I wrote blog entries every single night while on the trail, and have them all still. I’m going to post them — a few per day, so as not to overwhelm anybody — until getting to the end. There are still tons and tons of interesting tales and adventures ahead…so, stay tuned! I hope you enjoy.






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  1. Chris Avatar

    Andrew, Clair,
    Hello from Atlanta. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog about your hike. I’m excited to see more entries.

    I have been reading several trail journals this past Summer and into Fall. My favorites, yours and two others, all have gaps starting in Nocal. So don’t fret; I guess it gets tedious about there.

    Please continue to post your entries. I look forward to them.

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