Stay Tuned!

One hundred and seventy-three blog posts (well, more, if you count the other ones, too). I still sort of can’t believe I wrote them all! Thanks, so much, for following along, everyone out there.

I’m here to say: there will be more, too! I have a series of posts planned in the coming days and weeks, about everything from aspects of the trail I didn’t get a chance to talk about (is that even possible?) to life since the trail and lots more.

So: stay tuned!

— Fancypants (yep, that’s still me!)






2 responses to “Stay Tuned!”

  1. Darlene (Matzelle) Sterzinger Avatar
    Darlene (Matzelle) Sterzinger

    Fancy Pants, I have been following your adventure every step of the way. Your Mom and I went to High School together, and she “followed” my husband in 2014 as he hike the AT. A tick borne sickness took him off the trail at 1,450 in mid August of ’14, but he went back last summer for 11 days to complete another 100 miles. This summer he plans to complete the trail, with support from our daughter and son-in-law who reached Mt. Katahdin on Sept.20, 2004. I can not explain my joy in reading your description of the finish of your hike! You have a gift for expressing “ALL” aspects of this type of experience in the wilderness. I look forward to any other posts or blogs you will be sharing.

  2. chrisincal Avatar

    You my friend have amazed and delighted me for 173 days of adventure. Thank you.

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